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This is mostly for my benefit since I'm the one that sees this journal 99% of the time. Anyway, here are some verses for Spencer:

[Canon]-Strictly canon, nothing else. Honestly since I don't often prompt for him, this will not be a verse that is used often.

[Rehab]-This a verse with Faith Lehane [ profile] loveme_fearme and takes place in [ profile] slayer_rehab. Canon events will and have been incorporated. Basically, several young girls were found buried in a grave yard. The BAU was sent to investigate it. The girls were slayers at Faith's place. Reid found out about the things that go bump in the night and helped to get Faith off the suspect list. Spencer and Faith developed an awkward something and now they're doing a long distance relationship. The storyline that kicks this off is [No no no] and it is a verse in progress.

[SIU] This is [ profile] shakeitup_pf verse. Spencer was taken to Roanoke shortly after he was kidnapped and addicted to hydromorphone in S2 of Criminal Minds. Semi active.

[Lyonesse]-A verse that's not really defined yet but will be in the future. It takes place in [ profile] lyonesse_island


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