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[Reid is in the kitchen rummaging through the fridge. He rejects most of the food he finds there with a scowl that's uncharacteristic of him. Finally he settles for a bowl of Cheerios and a decidedly grumpy expression. He carries the bowl over to a couch and slumps down as if he's trying to disappear into the couch. It's not until he sits the communicator on the coffee table that he realizes it's on. With a near growl/grumble he turns it off]
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To keep myself from going insane:

First Floor Room 15


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[The video shows a thin man wearing bloody clothes is curled up in a fetal position on the lawn. In fact he's in the same place he died. He doesn't scream but it's clear by the grimace on his face, he'd like to scream. He is crying because he remembers it all, the pain, the disappointment, the betrayal and that tiny bit of hope he felt just before she killed him. He also remembers the cold and the way he just felt lost. There's nothing after this. At least not here. There's just black and number and cold.]


[His voice is just a raspy whisper and he's not even sure what he's asking for help for. He's uninjured now. It just hurts so much he's afraid he'll buckle under it.]

[OOC: Spencer is back. He died during the Faith plot for those of you that don't know. She gutted him. This is his first death]
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[The video shows Reid in the library with books stacked up and legal pads scattered. He's got a digital audio recorder with him as well]

So...I don't know what happened on Mars but I'm trying to figure it out. If I could get p-people to talk to me about what they saw in the Pit, or what they experienced on the planet, I'd appreciate it. Anything you say to me is strictly confidential and will be logged anonymously. We can talk here in the library or in a private room if you'd prefer.
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[Reid is sitting in the kitchen at the table. He's got a bowl of Count Chocala and a book. He's reading while eating the sugary cereal. He flips pages fast, eyes skimming over them only a second before he turns the page.]
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[Take a geek genius with a Ph.D in Engingeering and too much time on his hands, add some snow and what do you get? The Fortress of Solitude if Reid has his way. He's out in the show with a spray bottle of water, a rectangular tupperware container, an edge for painting and a tape measure. Reid even has blue prints for this mammoth project. He's crawling around kind of awkwardly with a sucker in his mouth, alternately hobbling or using his cane. He's dressed in jeans, a big coat, Jayne Cobb style hat and gloves. He'd happily welcome company or help to build his fort. The best thing about this cold? His leg is numb. No temptation to take painkillers at all.]
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[The video shows Reid at a table in the library. He's got a huge stack of books scattered around him, cane resting against the table and he's a bit slumped in his chair. He's got a battered pair of horn rim glasses on his nose and he's squinting at a book. For a few seconds he continues squinting at the book before he looks up. There's also a sucker in his mouth. He takes it out to talk]

I f-found the library obviously and it's super. I've settled in for the m-most part and I'm beginning to wonder...what exactly does everyone do around here?
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[Reid pokes at the communication device a moment, brow furrowed as he tries to figure it out. Finally the video flickers on and Reid is staring down at it. He's dressed in a button down shirt, tie and grandpa cardigan sweater. He's also leaning on a cane. He's nervous but managing to keep his cool. Reid is working at keeping his mind off the last time he was kidnapped. This isn't the same, he thinks to himself. He's not tied up. Maybe this isn't a kidnapping. Maybe...]

Uhm...I-I'm Dr. Spencer Reid with the FBI. I d-don't know who you are or where this is but someone will be coming for me. If you'd like to t-talk, you haven't done anything w-wrong yet. I'm not hurt. You need to talk to me n-now because holding a federal agent against his will is a crime.
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After talking to Delia, Reid did some research and found out as much about her condition as possible without either being a doctor, talking to a doctor or seeing her files. It didn't take much to find the right phone number and he didn't feel bad when he called the head psychiatrist at the institution.

"Hi, this is Dr. Spencer Reid with the FBI. You've got a patient there named Dr. Greg House. It's imperative I speak with him."

Okay so it wasn't but he wanted to talk to the man about Delia and he was pretty sure that House wouldn't mind the interruption into whatever it was the institution had him doing at that moment. He was put on hold until House came on the line.
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This is mostly for my benefit since I'm the one that sees this journal 99% of the time. Anyway, here are some verses for Spencer:

[Canon]-Strictly canon, nothing else. Honestly since I don't often prompt for him, this will not be a verse that is used often.

[Rehab]-This a verse with Faith Lehane [ profile] loveme_fearme and takes place in [ profile] slayer_rehab. Canon events will and have been incorporated. Basically, several young girls were found buried in a grave yard. The BAU was sent to investigate it. The girls were slayers at Faith's place. Reid found out about the things that go bump in the night and helped to get Faith off the suspect list. Spencer and Faith developed an awkward something and now they're doing a long distance relationship. The storyline that kicks this off is [No no no] and it is a verse in progress.

[SIU] This is [ profile] shakeitup_pf verse. Spencer was taken to Roanoke shortly after he was kidnapped and addicted to hydromorphone in S2 of Criminal Minds. Semi active.

[Lyonesse]-A verse that's not really defined yet but will be in the future. It takes place in [ profile] lyonesse_island

Truth Meme

Jun. 27th, 2009 06:02 pm
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I've given my characters a healthy dose of Veritaserum and now they have to tell the truth. What does this mean for you? Ask my characters questions about anything and everything and they will truthfully answer it. Specify verse if you want to
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[What are the odds?]
[ profile] shakeitup_pf verse. [ profile] loveme_fearme is used briefly with love and permission.

His skin itches and it crawls; he’s too hot, he’s too cold. He’s too wired up to sleep. He doesn’t turn on the TV because when she’s not here it just irritates him. Usually a bath makes him relax but he can’t get the water temperature right and his knees stick out of the water so they’re cold. He leaves the bathtub half full, yanks on a pair of pajama pants and wanders around the apartment aimlessly. It’s too quiet, it’s too loud and he knows the exact location of the hydromorphone in the first aid kit under the bathroom sink.

Mozart lets him breathe, makes him think about something besides the quietcoldhotwiredhydromorphoneshe’snothere and gives his brain something to do. He starts out on the whiteboard, breaking down the music mathematically and soon he’s got the white board full. He pauses moment, time enough to make his brain scream at him that he’s getting behind then moves to the blank, white wall. He’s made his way through all the piano concertos and is onto Symphony 41 when she walks in the door. It’s a couple of hours to dawn and he’s worked his way around one corner of the living room.

“Miss me much, Brain?” she smirks, leaning her weight back on one hip as she observes his handy work.

He’s not sure if it’s the show of potential crazy or the smile on his face when she walks in but he notices she doesn’t spend as much time away after that.
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Reid was sitting at a table outside the coffee shop waiting for Hanna to show up. They'd pre arranged to meet here. In his head he was trying to decide what the best approach was. Clearly, Hanna was mentally unstable but the only person he'd ever had to intervene in their lives directly because of that had been his mother. He couldn't exactly commit Hanna. She'd have to do that herself. He had time to make those sort of decisions though. Right now he was going to have his coffee and wait for her to show up.
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